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We've created a place where you can read and learn more about nicotine pouches - a tobacco-free alternative for using nicotine.

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This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. ZYN® is not suitable for use by persons under the age of 18.
What are nicotine pouches?

Easy to use

Open the can and slip a pouch under your upper lip.

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Tasty flavours!

Mint, Citrus, Espressino or Bellini. What's you choice?

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A modern way to enjoy nicotine. Plain and simple.

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Swave Factory Batch VII: Aviation
Violet taste with a lively tone of cherries
Limited edition
Swave Cuba Libre Mini Normal
Cinnamon & vanilla citrus with a hint of rum
ZYN Espressino Mini Dry Normal
Taste of freshly roasted coffee and chocolate
ZYN Violet Licorice Slim
Elements of licorice, violet and salmiak
VOLT Red Swirl S1
Fruity & soft taste of strawberry
Swave Daiquiri Slim Strong
Taste of melon with hints of pear
VOLT Mystic Blue S2
Taste of dark berries rounded off with hints of vanilla
ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry Normal
Cooling menthol flavor
ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry Low
Fresh taste of spearmint and menthol
ZYN Citrus Mini Dry Normal
Fresh flavor of sunny citrus fruit
ZYN Apple Mint Slim Strong
Sour green apples and fresh mint
ZYN Spearmint Slim Strong
Fresh taste of spearmint and menthol
Swave Daiquiri Mini Normal
Clear taste of melon with hints of pear
ZYN Espressino Mini Dry Extra Strong
Taste of freshly roasted coffee and chocolate
ZYN Cool Mint Slim Extra Strong
A cooling taste of fresh peppermint
Swave Cuba Libre
Taste of cinnamon and with hints of citrus spiced with rum
ZYN Citrus Mini Dry Extra Strong
Flavor of sunny citrus fruit
ZYN Ginger Blood Orange Slim Strong
Sour, sweet blood orange and ginger
ZYN Citrus Slim Strong
Notes of lemon and lime
ZYN Lemon Spritz Slim Normal
Taste of sun-ripened lemon and sweet peach
Swave Green Mintini Slim Strong
Taste of mint with a touch of mint
Swave Red Surfer Slim Strong
Full-bodied taste of sour berries
ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry Super Strong
Cooling taste experience of menthol
ZYN Northern Woods Slim Strong
Notes of wild berries, herbs, lavender and citrus
Swave Factory Batch VI Slim Strong
Slightly smoky taste with sensations of rose and bergamot
Limited edition

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