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Take it Swave

Swave are white nicotine pouches from Gotlandssnus that makes a regular Tuesday feel like a Friday. Inspired by Gotland's waves, beaches and sunsets.

This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. Swave® is not suitable for use by persons under the age of 18.

That Gotland feeling

Swave are more than just white nicotine pouches in a slim format. The products offer tropical, fruity and spicy flavors with a clear and long-lasting taste.

Explore the flavors inspired by the waves, beaches, sunsets and surfboards of Gotland.

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Our products
Swave Daiquiri Slim All White Strong
Taste of melon with a slight hint of pear
Swave Cuba Libre Slim All White Strong
Taste of cinnamon, vanilla and hints of citrus
Swave Daiquiri Mini All White Normal
Taste of melon with a slight hint of pear
Swave Apple XO
Taste of apple cider with a hint of almond
Swave Red Surfer
Taste of sour berries, citrus and vanilla
Swave Cuba Libre Mini All White Normal
Taste of cinnamon, vanilla and hints of citrus
Swave Red Surfer Slim All White Strong
Full-bodied taste of sour berries

An endless taste of tropical summer

Swave offers several tropical and fruity flavors. The white nicotine pouches reminds you of iced drinks with melon and pineapple, mixed with the waves from the salty sea. Cafetini tastes of freshly grounded dark roasted coffee beans, embraced by Gotland's blue water and a shade of caramel. Tropic Spritz has a clear taste of pineapple, seasoned with sunshine on a hot summer's day.

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